Friday, 23 March 2012

What is a MultiCopter?

So what is a multicopter, and why are they cool?

A multicopter is a small remote control aircraft with two or more rotors. Control of vehicle motion is achieved by varying the relative speed of each rotor to change the thrust and torque produced by each, and by doing this they can climb, spin and roll. Even perform back flips.
Due to their ease of construction and the huge drop in price of RC gear recently, multirotor aircraft have become popular in radio control aircraft projects. Quadcopter, hexacopter and octocopter are frequently used to refer to 4, 6 and 8 propellers.
Radio controlled multirotors are increasingly used as an inexpensive way to create aerial photography and videos. Or just to experiment and have fun flying something you created. FPV has become very popular, where the pilot has a live First Person View through a small camera mounted on the aircraft, viewed on a screen, laptop or goggles. This provides a virtual reality experience of actually flying the aircraft! They are something different and challenging. Plus they look like a UFO.

In the next update I will start to look into how you can build one at home, what the best parts are and how they work. But for now here is a video of some FPV flight (I highly recommend going fullscreen) :


  1. Wow, what kind of camera does it use? I kind of want one now.

    1. He uses a gopro camera, and image stabilisation software. I'll publish more info soon on the best cameras to use.