Tuesday, 27 March 2012

X525 Foldable Quadcopter Frame

After looking around for the parts for my new Quad, I think I may have found my Quad frame here. Fibreglass / Aluminium alloy, shock absorbing spring loaded landing claws, 600mm - perfect.

Even better, it's only $22 ! Since my entire RC budget will be going toward this project for now, I'd like to keep costs down.
It looks good, appears quite rigid and also folds for easy transport. Now I will source the electronics and report back. I want to see how inexpensively I can build this while still making it fly well, and I think this frame is a good start.

Later I will upgrade to a high level controller board and eventually add FPV capability! But first, we have to make it fly well, and I will document the process as I go.

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